April-May 2014 – P2D1


The pUjA vidhanams of Sharabheshwara, ShUlinI, and pratyangira have been provided. SharabhEshwara and His shaktI’s are greatly praised in LalitA sahasranAmA (phalasruti – 33, 34) as dEvatAs that voluntarily goes out to help shrIvidyOpAsakAs.

The shaktI’s of sharabhA (shUlinI and pratyAnGirA) are referenced in the lalitA sahasranAma as duShTa dUrA – 193 and paramantra vibhEdini – 812 respectively. We have included the Sharabha mantra japa, AvaraNa pUjA paddhathi, sharaba kavacam, sharabha sahasraNamam, sharabha nigraha dAruNa sapataka,, and narasimha kRuta sarabha asHTOttaram. The shUliNI mantra japa, mAlA mantra, sharabha shUlini samelana mantra, AvaraNa pUjA, and ashtOttara nAmAvali has been included. The pratyaNgira section includes two different mantra japas, abhicAra vibhEdini mantras, and AvaraNa puja.

While there are many stories about the incarnation of SharabhEshwara and its links to Narasimha avatarA and also equal refuting stories from the Vaishnava granthas about the form of GandabhErunDa Narasimha, as shrividyOpAsakAs we are taught by our great Guru paramparAs to look beyond the stories and understand the inner tatvas behind these svarUpAs and find a way to mOkshA.

The secretive mantras of these fierceful dEvatAs have been given to aid the upAsakAs (who has the mantra adhikArAs for these dEvatAs) to reference them together while performing pUjAs. These mantras cannot be taken lightly and readers are strongly adviced to check with their Guru’s prior to start practicing any mantra or procedure as detailed in this issue.

From this issue onwards, we will be covering the monthly naimittika pUjA karma that should be performed during that month’s pournami pUjA. The procedures that will be described in ou magazine will be based on the instructions as prescribed in the nityOstava. During the ChitrA pourNami, damana vidhi is prescribed and the procedures to perform this pUjA has been included in detail for the benefit of the upAsakAs.

ShrI yOgAmbA samEta AtmAnandanAthA (Shri Ramesh Kutticad) was kind enough to share (in addition to his editing and error correction tasks) the ShuLini medidation guide, and also the very useful information on body parts that normally are used during the various nyAsAs.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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5 thoughts on “April-May 2014 – P2D1

  1. Namaskaram
    Thanks for such collection. My humble request to please give information of mulmantras, stotras of GandBherunda Nrusimhaswamy in detail in forthcoming issue. There is no authentic information available on this topic elsewhere. The upasana paddhatti of GandBherunda is also important for pratyangira upasana.

    1. As you might have observed, we don’t publish upAsanA kramas of dEvatAs that are secretive and are kept closely within Guru Mandalas. aShTamukhA gaNDabhErunDA falls under that category and you should check with your Guru maNDalam. There are good reliable sources available for this dEvatA and if your GurumaNDalam has been doing this upAsanA, then they would definitely have this paddhati. If they don’t, then it is not a good idea to look for this and start doing it yourself. We have witnessed several examples where people have hurt themselves by doing this on their own.

  2. Namaskaram-

    Thanks for reply.
    My humble request to please let me know your mail id as it seems we can not have E-interactions on this topic due to inbuilt limitations of public platform.

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