May – June 2021 – P9D5


We started the aShTa bhairava vidhAnaM series last month. We had already covered the vidhanam for asitAnga bhairava. In this issue we have covered, ruru bhairava and CanDa bhairava mantra japa and AvaraNa pUjA kramAs. We hope that this issue will be a good addition to your spiritual collection. 

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Author: purna_admin

4 thoughts on “May – June 2021 – P9D5

  1. is it possible to provide the docs format instead of PDF
    else at least can help to provide in other languages like – Kannada, tamil etc

    1. We are looking at integrating Aksharamukha with the website contents. That way, all the static website pages can be read in multiple languages. That said, the PL’s themselves will always remain as a primary devanagari magazine and will be shared only as PDFs.

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