August- September 2017 P5D7

In this issue, we will be covering the next two nityA dEvis – shivadUtI (shukla pakSha saptami and kRuShnA pakSha navami) and tvaritA (shukla pakSha aShTami and kRuShnA pakSha ashTami). The mantra japa krama, AvaraNa pUjA kramA, and the mAtrukA vaibhava nAmAvali for shivadUtI and tvaritA are included in this issue.

We started the navadurgA series last month with the idea of completing the vidhAnams for all the nava durgAs before the navarAtri so that upAsakAs can benefit from this and perform navadurgA pUjA during this navarAtri. We covered the first two durgAs already and in this issue, we have covered mantra japa and AvaraNa pUjA kramAs for candragaNTA, kUShmANDA, skandamAtA, and kAtyAyanI. The remaining three durgAs will be covered next month.

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