September – October 2023 – P9D10

We are currently covering the PancapancikA series. PancapancikA indicates 5 devatas in 5 different categories. These 5 categories are – panca lakshmyambA, panca kOshAmbA, panca kalpalatAmbA, panca kAmadughAmbA, and panca ratnAbA. With these 5 categories, there are 4 distinct dEvatAs and lalitAmbA Herself as the primary dEvatA within each category.

Since we have already given the mantra and avaraNa devata krama for LalitAmbA, we will be focussing on the 4 dEvatAs from each of the 5 categories. We have already covered the panca lakShmyambA and panca kOshAmbA series in the past issues. We started the pancakalpalatAmbA series in the last issue. The four dEvatAs are – pancakAmEshvarI kalpalatAmbA, pArijAtEshvarI kalpalatAmbA, tripuTA kalpalatAmbA, and pancabANEshvarI kalpalatAmbA. In this issue, we will be covering the last two – tripuTA kalpalatAmbA, and pancabANEshvarI kalpalatAmbA, mantra japA and AvaraNa kramAs.

We hope this issue will be a valuable addition to your spiritual literature collections.

Lalitai vedam sarvam.

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