November-December 2015 – P3D8

In this issue we bring the niyamavidhinirUpaNam from aShtANgayOga. Most ashtAngayOga texts deal with the literal meanings of yamA and niyamA. The beauty of sUta saMhitA is that it also provides the vEdAnta meaning for the tenets. The ten niyamAs with their literal and vedantic meanings is a treat to read.
We have included the word-by-word meaning of “bAlA”, “caNDi”, and caritra dEvatA dhyAna shlokas. We have included the mantra uddhAra shloka meaning for navAkSharI and also a beautiful treatise on equating that to gAyatrI mantra. In addition, kanyA pUja kramAs to be performed on a daily basis during the 10 days of navarAtri is included for readers benefit. An exploratory article based on the ashta pAshAs and their impact on a mumukShu as described in the eight chapter of durgA saptashati has been included for readers delight. Since shArad navarAtri falls during this month, we have included nava durgA mantrAs and its japa kramA in this issue.

We thank ShrI yOgAmbA samEta AtmAnandanAthA (Shri Ramesh Kutticad) for authoring the Q&A section and also contributing the dhyAna shloka meanings and other pUjA/mantra procedures in this issue.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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Author: purna_admin