August – September 2020 – P8D8


We are continuing the CaturviMshati mUrthi vidhAnams in this issue. Each of the 24 Murti is supposed to be sporting a permutation and combination for the 4 weapons viz padmA (lotus), Shank, Chakra, and Gadha. In this issue, we will cover the mantra japa and AvaraNa pUjA paddhathi of adhOkShaja mUrti,

Lord  Consort  Top Left  Top Right  Bottom Left  Bottom Right 
adhOkShaja  trayI  gadhA  Shank  Padma  cakra 

We started the mantra and AvaraNa pUjA kramA of the dashadikpAlakAs. In this issue we have covered the mantra japA of niRuti and His AvaraNa puja kramA. 

Since Ganesha caturthi is falling during this period, we are also including the mahAgaNapati mantrajapa kramA and AvaraNa pUjA paddhati. 

We hope that this issue will be a good addition to your spiritual collection. 

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2 thoughts on “August – September 2020 – P8D8

  1. Namaste,

    I am not able to open this Pushpa. Download link is disabled. Can you please send it once again


  2. Dhanyosmi
    Thanks team for this compiltion. Getting this much needed seminal MahaGanapati japa and avarana krama during Sri Ganesha Chaturthi is truly a blessing. Just what I needed.

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