October-November 2013 – P1D7

The auspicious sharad navarAtrI falls during this month and hence this issue has been filled with the tantric and tatvAtmaka details about caNDikA paramEshvarI. In addition, photographs of the various caNDikA paramEshwarI dieties in the key temples within India are also included.

The caNDI mantrajapa krama, AvaraNa pUjA kramA, navAkSharI mantrOkta trishati (source – caNDI rahasyAm), caNDI Shastyuttara trishati (source –vidhyArNava tantra), sarasvatI stOtra (that can be chanted on the sarasvatI pUjA day on mahA navamI) based on the siddha sArasvata mantra, caNDI hRudayaM (source – DurgA kalpadrumA), mArkaNDEya krUta laghu durgA saptashatI shlOkam (source – durgA kalpadrumA), guru kIlakam (source – durgA kalpadrumA) are included in this issue.

The article “demons of dEvImAhAtmyA” makes an attempt to scratch some of the inner meanings of the purANic demons and how they relate to demons that we deal within ourselves in the day-to-day lives. The interrelation of the dEvImAhAtmya and the caNDI navAkSharI mantra makes it easy for the sAdhakA to win over the evil forces by following the dharmic path to reach the real destination of self-realization.

The article “SundarI and kAlI” by shrI AtmAnandanAtha is a real treat to read. He hasdone considerable research to bring out the similarities between the two Adhya shaktI’s.

While the paths may differ, the article clearly demonstrates that these two shaktIs are in fact the two sides of the same coin.

The final article about tiruvadI sirappu (pAdukA mahimnA) by shrI sAdhurAm svAmigal, explains the importance in very simple terms and it also demonstrates an extensive research performed across various spiritual and tantric literature to support the claims made. Since the parvA dinAs of shrI cidAnandanAthA and shrI pUrNAnandanAthA falls during this month, this article fits into the theme aptly.

Wishing all the upAsakAs a blissful navArAtrI. Om namaH caNDikAyai.

Lalithai vEdam sarvam.

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